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Parameters in YAML files needed for any Publisher deployment

Resource Parameter Name Description Default
publisher-postgres-secret POSTGRES_USER Metadata database username publisher
publisher-metadata-secret METADATA_USERNAME Metadata database username publisher
publisher-postgres-secret POSTGRES_PASSWORD Metadata database password samplePassworD1212
publisher-metadata-secret METADATA_PASSWORD Metadata database password samplePassworD1212
publisher-postgres-secret POSTGRES_DB Metadata database name publisher
encryption-keys .stringData.“keys.yaml” Encryption keys for messages used by Worker component (32 bytes needed) D2C0B5865AE141A49816F1FDC110FA5A
publisher-manager-secret JWT_SECRET JWT encryption key for secure communication between Manager and WebUI (16 bytes needed) SuperSecretPass!
publisher-manager-ingress host Manager domain name
publisher-webui-config data.“”.window. MANAGER_ENDPOINT Manager domain
publisher-webui-ingress host Web UI domain name
publisher-manager-config WEB_UI Web UI domain
publisher-scheduler-config SCHEMA_VALIDATION_URL Schema Registry public URL or local Kubernetes service IP address

In addition, the YAML file for deployment to GCP (utilizing the native GCP networking resources) requires these four additional parameters.

Resource Name Parameter Name Description
publisher-manager-ingress Manager ingress static IP address name
publisher-manager-ingress Manager Google managed certificate name
publisher-webui-ingress Web UI ingress static IP address
publisher-webui-ingress Web UI Google managed certificate name
pubsub-key “key.json” Base64 encoded PubSub key